Conscious Investment Training

A training to help you become a conscious investor in cryptocurrencies and precious metals

We believe that more conscious people need to learn to expand their knowledge on conscious investment opportunities, so they have resources for projects which can change the world


What are the best ways to protect your investments and saving?

The course will give you the required tools and knowledge on how you can preserve your wealth and profit from the upcoming change in the investment area.

This is a step-by-step guided course to learn about cryptocurrencies and why you should not be afraid of them. It will also give an overview of precious metals, the current economical climate, and the next changes to come.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Market Outlook:

  • The rapid growth in global debt,
  • The fall in the growth of the global economy,
  • The accelerating money printing by the central banks,
  • The fall in the purchasing power of the world currencies,
  • The end of the petrodollar,
  • The risks in the current stock markets,
  • What are cryptocurrencies and how you can invest safely and with moderate risk?

How to get started:

  • Setting yourself up and trading on the different crypto exchanges,
  • Setting up and using your private wallet,
  • Create your core and secondary portfolios,
  • 5 coins in the core portfolio,
  • 8 coins in the secondary portfolio.
  • 5 coins in the discretionary portfolio and who is it suitable for.

Security Briefing

This is the most important element in the crypto-space that you have to learn. Remember that you will become "your own bank".

  • Secure your digital assets,
  • Secure your private keys,
  • Store your cryptocurrencies,
  • Secure yourself.

Investment Strategy:

  • Build an investment strategy,
  • Diversify your risk,
  • Allocate your cryptocurrencies,
  • Understand the blockchain technology,
  • Use a scorecard to evaluate the blockchain projects and coins,
  • Earn crypto income (staking or dividend).

Precious Metals:

  • Where and how to buy physical gold right now,
  • Why should you invest in silver and where you can buy it,
  • Other possibilities to invest in precious metals.

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Words of praise from past participants


I have several of years investment experience in the stock market, but I have no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. this course provided me with all the tools and information that I needed in order to get started investing in this very interesting area. I strongly recommend this course both for beginners and professional investors like me.

Anders Nygaard
Product Development and Analysis

I am an experienced user in the crypto space, but I really enjoyed reviewing some more details about investing in crypto space.

Jess Søgaard


The course is amazing, we can know all about cryptocurrencies in one place, before taking this course I didn't have any knowledge about cryptocurrencies but now I have detailed knowledge about it, I am looking to invest in cryptocurrencies with full confidence, Thanks, Martin!

Saisandeep Nadella
Digital Marketing Specialist

As a professional stock trader in a large investment fund, I can say that am impressed by the amount of valuable information in this course.

Name withdrawn for privacy
Trading and Investment

Have Questions? We Share our Answers.

Who's this course for?

This course is for you if you want to take control of your finance, earn about cryptocurrencies, secure your finance, use this opportunity to upgrade your conscious wealth, are ready to develop an abundance mindset, can follow up your investments, ready to materialize dreams, and visions for the future and understand that world is changing and you need to take actions.

I have never invested myself, is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely. I have created with course to empower conscious people, change-makers, holistic health experts, and other visionary people, who have their dreams for a better world and are ready to get grounded and responsible for their financial situation and resources for their projects.

What is the structure of it?

You will have video training and written information provided in an easy step-by-step investment structure. You will learn the background information first and then you will learn the technical setup process to start your investment.

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! If you want additional support from me, you may choose an option to receive my weekly updates or personal one-to-one financial coaching sessions with me. If you are interested in that, please contact me here:


About the Conscious Investment Creator

I am an inspirator, liberator, and innovation creator. It is my passion to inspire you to follow your inner guidance and achieve the freedom that you deeply desire. I have been working in the financial sector within the capital market area for more than 20 years and I have a deep understanding of how the markets work. My previous clients and employers were: Danske Bank, Nordea, Nasdaq OMX, BEC, SDC, and many more.

Furthermore, I have been working as a conscious business coach and start-up mentor as it's my passion to support the growth of the conscious business. That unique blend of skills has given me an opportunity to create a course that will be knowledgeable and inspiring for the ones who are new to the industry.

Build a better future for yourself and your family.

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