Hey there, I’m Diana

I am a Visionary Guide, Consciousness Coach, Embodiment Teacher, Conscious Business Mentor, and a Founder of the Flair Academy.

I am the founder of The Flair Academy, a Conscious Business Mentor, an Embodiment Teacher, and a Consciousness Coach.

I help individuals and groups to awaken their purpose, embody their vision and create sustainable success with ease, grace, and flow.

Prior to this, I held innovation consultant and team leader roles at different organizations. After her inner alchemy process, I embarked on my mission to initiate the new methods and approaches in business, personal and spiritual growth while the collective consciousness is rising to a new level.

I hold certifications in Transformational Coaching, Mindfulness, Kundalini Yoga, Akashic Record Consultancy, Quantum Flow, and other embodiment and subconscious reprogramming methods