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The Book unites a group of new thought leaders bringing a message about organic success codes, the success that comes living a life in alignment with your soul. Can you live in alignment with your true self, fulfill your mission, actualize your vision, get your needs met, and let go of the old paradigm of force, control, and burnout? Yes, you can! Find out more inside the book.

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alking about success used to give me a false feeling of self, like talking about external things that did not matter. During the earlier stage of my career, I believed that success was only about climbing the career ladder and having a stable bank account. Success meant achieving what I thought I wanted.

Then, once I started to transform my conditioned beliefs while walking the path of inner alchemy, I met many spiritually-minded people who focused on detaching themselves from "the materialistic world," so talking about success was not even an option.

Both approaches feel extreme to me now. I believe in the middle way. The definition of success has been distorted, and we need to redefine it. Seeing this duality of views has inspired me to find my definition of success—and talk about it.

I am a visionary, creator, and initiator of a new paradigm on Earth. We live in a great time of the shift in consciousness. More and more people are awakening to their purpose. We need new social systems, new ways of creating business, new ways of managing our resources, new approaches in personal transformation, and new ways of working with energy...


The Core Elements of Embodied Success.

The Book is dedicated to redefining what success means in the current times. It is a co-creative project of a group of new thought leaders: business owners, CEOs, coaches, professionals, teachers, healers, and journalists.


Diana Poulsen

She is the founder of The Flair Academy, a Conscious Business Mentor, and an Embodiment Coach. She helps men and women to awaken their purpose, embody their vision and create sustainable success. Her mission is to initiate the creation of new methods and systems in business, finance, personal and spiritual growth. Prior to this, she held business developer, change management consultant and team leader roles at a variety of organizations. Diana holds certifications in Transformational Coaching, Quantum Flow embodiment method, Mindfulness as well as a Master of Science in Innovation Management

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