Diana Poulsen & David Daubin

The Core Elements in Your Life

Are you ready to heal and transform your life? Are you ready to rebalance yourself?

When the elements are in balance, we experience health and well-being. When they are out of balance, signs, and symptoms of physical, emotional, and spiritual disharmony can result.

We have introduced a series of Online events focusing on five basic elements: earth, water, air, fire, and space. These elements are everywhere around us and in us. By activating them, recognizing our missing elements, and balancing them, we can enter our authentic flow state, so we feel more at peace, balance, and at the same time inspired and encouraged to take aligned actions towards our greater vision and purpose.

These are the recordings of the sessions, which will cover five elements and how you can balance them in your daily life.  


An additional gift: you will receive my newest ebook "Journey through the five elements" with activating illustrations, exercises, and tips for each element.

The Core Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space


Earth brings stability, strength, containment, firm foundations, connection to our roots and to time. It represents growth, fertility, grounding, and manifestation.

We will connect to the element of earth to create a solid foundation on which we can build our vision and expand further.

This will be a voyage of discovery with a focus on coming home to our body and breath. This workshop is dedicated to grounding, slowing down, and finding inner stability.


The element of water is cool, stable, heavy, moist, smooth, gross, flowing, cloudy, and soft. It is important to take in the qualities of water when you are feeling too warm (or full of heated emotions), ungrounded, dehydrated, rough, irritable, your heart has become too hard, you feel stuck in your mind and rationality and you repress your emotions.

This workshop is dedicated to connecting with our emotions, the core soul wounds, releasing stored emotional energy, and expanding our capacity to love through meditation.


The Air element consists of the qualities of dry, light, and subtle. Air is associated with the mind, intellect, clarity, and positivity.

It represents our mental activity such as intellect and the ability to reason, memory, thoughts, knowledge, and comprehension. Just as we breathe, so do we think, communicate, and relate. This workshop is dedicated to practices to achieve mental stability, focus, enter a deeper state of awareness, connect with your intuition, purpose, and vision for life.


The fire element is one of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, joy, vision, passion, inner power, and inner bliss. We find ourselves more receptive to life and all its expressions when we activate our fire element. It can create, initiate, and accomplish projects, it gives excitement and enthusiasm to move through the challenges of life.

Let’s ignite that inner power, so we are ready to embrace our Divinity, transform our limitations, and take actions towards the manifestation of our vision! This workshop will support you with practices, tools, and methods for igniting the inner fire of transformation inside of you.


Everything arises from space, exists in space, and dissolves into space. This element manifests as awareness about oneself, others, and the world around and beyond us.

When the space element is balanced in us, there is room in life, whatever arises can move through us. We have space for all other elements, enough time, enough emotional capacity, enough tolerance. When we are too much in the element of space, we feel "spacy", that space is not an integration, it's losing connection to the other elements. That's why the space element is introduced once all other elements are integrated.


Once we learn to recognize the elements inside of ourselves, we come to a more balanced and harmonious state of being:

  • We find inner stability to create foundations for our projects.
  • We connect with our emotions, heal our wounds ,and let our emotions flow.
  • We have mental clarity and awareness of our true self, vision, and purpose.
  • We have the inner power to take aligned actions towards our vision.
  • We have self-arising wisdom in any situation of life, adapt a vast view that gives us freedom of choice.