The Shift: Back to Balance

3 step process. 3 weeks. 12 speakers.

"Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and gorgeous at the end." Robin Sharma

If you knew you could create a new reality for yourself, where would you start?

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We all face global external challenges, but it will be different for every one of us. It depends on how we perceive it. 

Our internal reality defines how we see the situation, the decisions we make, the story we tell, the experiences we create.

Once we shift our internal reality, our external reality changes. It starts with finding the inner balance, inner stability, and acceptance. 

We have created this 3-week experience with 12 different professionals in the areas of breathwork, psychotherapy, healing, coaching, yoga, nutrition, and more.

This course will serve you as a holistic pathway to return to your balance and inner power, transform from within, and start embodying your most authentic self.

All teachings and trainings are recorded, so you can take it at your own pace at the time that is suitable for you.

The Shift is for you if:

You are feeling distracted by the global changes, and you are looking for a sacred space to reclaim your balance and connect with the present moment,

You are feeling worried, stressed, uncertain, afraid of the unknown,

You feel the pull to support and help others in this situation, yet you miss energy and vitality,

 You are feeling out of alignment, 

You are missing a spark to start something new, 

You want to renew your purpose, 

You are looking for embodiment practices,

You are ready to connect with your authentic self,

You are ready to learn new approaches.

“The Shift was a 3 week journey over many concepts , quite a lot I did not know about but got me definitely interested in such as gratitude, self love, self respect , mindfulness through coaching, yoga, meditation and breathing sessions.  It needs practice to become habits , but has given me a new path to follow at a time I was receptive to do it. I am grateful to have across these two Dianas, and shall definitely follow their communication for future courses and meetups if ever possible . Thank you very much” Nathalie Carnet

“The Shift has been 3 inspiring weeks, full of opportunities to learn and practice how to align with your authentic self. Moreover, each week and session has been fun and surprising journey closer to some kind of realization of myself. Most of all I loved the discussions and guest experts on the various topics. It has been absolutely lovely to meet them all. The support from the mentors has been truly present all the way through. Diana & Diana – you’re such a compatible duo Thank you so much for arranging the Shift and holding space for me. “ Evita Purzale

Creators and Experts

It's a 21-day inner transformation journey created especially to guide you through this transitional time and support you in:

-getting back to balance,

- rising to your renewed inner power,

- inner transformation,

- deeper alignment with your most authentic self. 

We set up this course to relieve any tension and pressure around 'keeping up'. It is designed for you to take your time with the weekly topics and you can revisit it as long as you want. 

Inside the private digital space, you will receive healing, Kundalini yoga, mindfulness practices, breathwork, talks, presentations, meditations, questions for self-inquiry, guidelines for purpose creation, and more.

Diana Poulsen

Creator behind the Shift

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Diana Baltru

Creator behind The Shift

Ulrika Celsing

Inner Power: Body and Mind connection

Hodaya Vaknin 

Meeting Your Fears & Accepting Them

David Dauben

Developing Our Loving Presence

Sonam Chamaria

Healing Practice: Cutting the Cords & Radical Forgiveness

Eliza Bishop

Soothing Nectar of Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

Lina Niki

Importance of Gratitude

Kathy Wong

Breathwork to Cultivate Mindfulness & Self-love

Daniel de Luis

Finding Balance in a Hectic World through Breath: Breath Meditation

Pernille Villumsen

Bhakti Yoga – The Practice of Unconditional Love

Tinesha Renee

Connecting to the Universe Within

The Shift: 3 Week Program

Week One:


Accepting Things as They Are

Seeing Things as They are: Mindful Perspective

Diana Poulsen

Mindful Practices for Daily Life

Diana Baltru

Importance of Gratitude

Lina Niki

Breathwork to Cultivate Mindfulness

Kathy Wong

Additional resources: Mindfulness for 7 Days, Mindful Questions

Week Two:


Embracing the Change

Self-love Journey

Diana Baltru

Kundalini Yoga: Peeling Back the Layers towards Your Authentic Self

Diana Poulsen

Healing Practice: Cutting the Cords & Radical Forgiveness

Sonam C

Meeting Your Fears & Accepting Them


Bhakti Yoga – The Practice of Unconditional Love

Pernille Willumsen

Additional Resources: Seven Energy Centers

Week Three:


New State of Being

Let Your Vision Lead You Workshop

Diana Poulsen

Inner Power: Body and Mind Connection

Ulrika Celsing

New Habits & the Importance of Mindful Eating

Diana Baltru

Soothing Nectar of Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga

Eliza Bishop

Finding Balance in a Hectic World through Breath: Breath Meditation

Daniel de Luis

Connecting to the Universe within

Tinesha Renee

Additional resources: Purpose Creation

"I think it is a life changing course. It is taught with honesty, insight and integrity. The facilitation of group participation creates a safe and supportive environment. Learning techniques to be more in the present has given me greater inner strength and peace of mind and the possibility of belief in myself and hope for the future. For me it feels as if is the start of a journey and several others I talked with on the course felt the same.’ Suresh Gandhari

"The Shift was an amazing and intense journey. A lot of useful information, a lot to practise and think about. I love those ladies: Diana B. and Diana P. and I am looking forward for their new projects !" Ernesta Trainyte Sulcas

“I got a lot of information/knowledge about transformation, self love and inner peace. There were many possibilities for learning and expanding” Josefine Poulsen

Just Imagine...

Waking up each day motivated, aligned, and ready to take the next step towards your vision.

You know your role in this shift and are confident in your purpose.  

You are aligned with your essence, in the flow with the universe, knowing that you are guided.

You embody the strength and inner power to make changes that your soul is craving.

You are at peace with the changes of the planet. Free of overwhelming panic, fear and doubt. 

You will:

Feel more grateful and aligned with your current reality,

Implement Mindfulness in your daily life,

Become better at letting go of your fears,

Forgive yourself and others easier,

Learn to love yourself more,

Transform limitations through Kundalini yoga,

Release tensions through the power of breath & yoga,

Align with your three main centers,

Learn to connect with the Universal energy,

Align with Your Authentic Self,

Create New Habit for Healthy life style.

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