The Shift. Back to Balance

3 Days Alignment

September 24-26 , 2021

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"Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and gorgeous at the end."

Robin Sharma

Why Attend?

If you are feeling distracted by the global changes, and you are looking for a sacred space to reclaim your balance, regain your inner power, ignite the spark of renewed purpose, free yourself from distractions, and embody your true self in the midst of uncertainty, this 3-day experience is for you.

Coming Back to Your Natural Balance

We have created this experience for men and women who want to return to their optimal flow, so they experience the balance in their body, mind, and spirit. It's a three-day challenge that will give you inspiration, tools, and methods to feel more at ease, flow and inner confidence in your daily life.


"The Shift" is a continuous program dedicated to supporting humanity to uplevel the next evolution of consciousness by providing simple and practical tools to uplift everyday life. We believe that this is a perfect time to create radical shifts within, so we can create freedom and life that we love.

Diana Poulsen

Embodiment Teacher, Author, Consciousness Coach, Founder at The Flair Academy

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Diana Baltru

Inner Goddess Coach, Modern Mystic: Energy Reader & Astrologer, Writer , Founder @Goddess Circle

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We invited the team of experts who have walked their own journey of transformation and returned to their optimal flow and embodiment of true self. They have helped thousands of people to find their way back to their balance through coaching, psychotherapy, healing, and embodiment practices and they will be happy to share their knowledge and practices with you.

Melissa Chernow

Expansion Mentor ....................


Kristian Brandt

Holistic Psychotherapist & Akasha Healer

Victoria Amiya

Intimacy Coach ..........................

Tori Cummings

Holistic Health Practitioner & Self Liberation Coach



Stepping into Mindfulness

Diana Baltru

Mindfulness Intro

Victoria Amiya 

Mindful Relationships:.Reignite the Fire

Tori Cummings

Bearing Witness to The Self ~ Living Yoga On & Off the Mat

Diana Baltru

Mindfulness Practice


Transformation Within

Diana Poulsen

Intro to Inner Alchemy

Kristian Brandt

Transformation that Makes You Present and Grounded

Melissa Chernow 

Emotional Alchemy: Alchemize Your Emotions to Speak from the Heart

Diana Poulsen 

Quantum Flow Practice


Embodiment of the New You

Diana Baltru & Diana Poulsen

Embodiment of True Self

Diana Baltru & Diana Poulsen

Embodiment Practice

Diana Baltru & Diana Poulsen

Mentoring Call:

1-1 Support in a Group

What you can expect:

- Receive tools and practices that will support you in getting back to your balance and approaching obstacles in daily life,

- The inner shift that will lead you to the next best version of yourself,

- Methods that will help you to experience grounded transformations in yourself and your relationships,

- Understanding and healing the false self roles in your life,

- Embodiment of your true self and your true vision of life,

- Support from the expert team and 1-1 mentoring in a group,

- Conscious supportive group moving through this experience with you.

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Participants of the previous "Shift. Back to Balance" program say:

“The Shift was a 3 week journey over many concepts , quite a lot I did not know about but got me definitely interested in such as gratitude, self love, self respect , mindfulness through coaching, yoga, meditation and breathing sessions. 

It needs practice to become habits , but has given me a new path to follow at a time I was receptive to do it. I am grateful to have across these two Dianas, and shall definitely follow their communication for future courses and meetups if ever possible . Thank you very much” Nathalie Carnet

“The Shift has been 3 inspiring weeks, full of opportunities to learn and practice how to align with your authentic self. Moreover, each week and session has been fun and surprising journey closer to some kind of realization of myself.

Most of all I loved the discussions and guest experts on the various topics. It has been absolutely lovely to meet them all. The support from the mentors has been truly present all the way through. Diana & Diana – you’re such a compatible duo Thank you so much for arranging the Shift and holding space for me.“ Evita Purzale

"I think it is a life changing course. It is taught with honesty, insight and integrity. The facilitation of group participation creates a safe and supportive environment.

Learning techniques to be more in the present has given me greater inner strength and peace of mind and the possibility of belief in myself and hope for the future.

For me it feels as if is the start of a journey and several others I talked with on the course felt the same.’ Suresh Gandhari

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